IT Consulting & Custom Programming Services

Solving Any IT Problems

The JAMSoft Razor: “When choosing a software solution for a business, there are only two choices: purchase it pre-built, or get it made-to-order. The pre-built choice requires that you customize your business to the requirements of the software. The made-to-order choice requires that you customize the software to your business.”

Software Development doesn't end with product delivery.

Product Support is an on-going service that ensures that your investment continues to provide your organization with a continuing ROI. From product updates to enhancements and changes, JAMSoft is dedicated to your business and your application's continued success.

Ethics & Integrity

  • Skill, knowledge and experience only go so far.

  • An important ingredient that JAMSoft brings to all its projects is integrity.

  • JAMSoft has an insane insistence on doing things right!

  • And if it's not right the first time, JAMSoft will make it right - Guaranteed.

A Few Words About JAMSoft

James Moyer - President JAMSoft Software
JAMSoft has almost 30 years of experience in the computer IT industry. As the industry continues to mature, we stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations and are always looking to improve our skills and tools.

From building Visit Tracking software for NATO member embassies, to integrating Document Management with a legacy R3 database for the Inter-American Development Bank, there’s no challenge too great. We’ve also built HR Payroll tracking and reporting software for data hosted in the cloud by Bamboo HR, Broker Trading Systems that support dozens of traders dealing in real-time using an MS SQL back-end, Continuous Improvement Quality Control systems, Inventory Control & Tracking systems … the list goes on and on. We also manage networks and IT systems for law firms, and small consulting firms too.

A Few Past Projects

JAMSoft has been contracted in the past to write commercial software to be resold to end-users. Below are just a few examples of these kinds of projects that were successfully marketed and sold.