IT Consulting & Custom Programming Services

Managed IT Services

Getting your office’s computers and servers to work together, do it both efficiently and securely while keeping your monthly maintenance costs down is a skill JAMSoft has provided to clients for almost 30 years.

General IT Support

JAMSoft can help you resolve Malware infections, PC or Server refreshes, Internet slowdowns, and proper software selection.


Get the most out of your business’s investment in IT. JAMSoft can get your staff proficient in any software product on the market.

Web Site Design

From helping you choose layout, design, function and hosting, JAMSoft can get your Web presence up quickly and affordably. Regular maintenace is alo part of the service.


The more complex the system, the more vulnerable to security threats it becomes. JAMSoft can help you determine vulnerabilities and close them up fast.

Web-based Solutions

Also known as Cloud Computing - Instead of investing in costly hardware and software every few years, you now have the option of running part of your office or your entire office computer infrastructure over the Internet on a pay-per-use/rental basis.
JAMSoft can help you choose the right subscription model, set up your cloud servers, and migrate your data. JAMSoft has experience with the following services:

Application Development

Custom Programming

Have you ever tried to do something tedious on a computer and found yourself saying, “I wish there was a program to do this!”? If you’ve identified a need for something you want your computer to do that will make your life easier, or ultimately save you and your business time and money; then JAMSoft can write that program for you.
JAMSoft also has a wealth of experience in extracting data from legacy systems and tying that data into other desktop, or server, or cloud based systems.

Database Design

Related to Custom Programming, you will need somewhere to store data generated by a custom application. Perhaps you have an existing MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, etc. server that already hosts data from another program and you want to access it and report on it, or even modify it?
Just like programming a custom application, setting up a database server and configuring it and then planning the data storage rules is a science in which JAMSoft is well versed.

Mobile App Development

These days, it seems as if almost anyone can make a mobile app. The market is flooded with developers working out of their basements producing “the next big thing.” Countless online platforms have evolved so that even “non-technical” types can build simple apps. With so many new resources, creating an app is no longer the ordeal it once was. While most developers have no difficulty creating standalone apps, enterprise apps are different. They need to connect to the backend of your business and this is something JAMSoft can provide.